Robert & Kelley Augi have been leading worship and recording music for over 15 years, ministering in churches conference and schools around the world.

Part of a major move of God in Toronto, Canada, both Robert & Kelley served the ministry of Catch the Fire and it’s leaders, John & Carol Arnott both within the local ministry and around the world; teaching, leading worship and times of “soaking in the presence of God” for both conferences and schools.

For over 5 years both served in a pastoral capacity for two different congregations – Catch the Fire Raleigh, which they helped to plant as a new ministry in September 2008 and served until mid 2010 and then with Dominion Outreach Centre in Ottawa, Canada where they led the music department for three and a half years. They have spent the last 9 months leading the Catch the Fire Oslo congregation in Norway as interim worship leaders and lead pastors.

Accomplished musicians and recording artists, together they have completed eight musical albums, ranging from instrumental to live worship albums recorded at conferences with thousands of people in attendance.

On top of their musical pursuits both Robert & Kelley have passions that occupy their time.  Robert has been working in the world of Graphic Design for over 3 1/2 years as a full time designer and continues to work in this capacity. Kelley is a fantastic artist, both painter and photographer and her works have been sold around the world.

Parents to their beautiful daughter, Kaylee Hope Augi, born August 3rd, 2013, Robert & Kelley are currently in transition from Oslo, Norway back to North America where they are taking some time with family and excited to explore what God is birthing in them.

Robert & Kelley have been worship leaders in and around Catch The Fire for many years.  Rob is perhaps more well known as Robert Moses Augi with his debut solo record "I Will Sing" being released in 2005 after being recorded live at Catch The Fire.  Kelley became globally recognized as Kelley Warren with recordings such as "Heaven's Whisper (2003)", "Embraced (2005)", "Here With You (2006)", "I Fix My Eyes on You (2006)" and many more.

Robert & Kelley now travel itinerantly and are proud to be a part of the Catch The Fire Music collective.