Draw Me In

Hope Stroupe

In 2013 we began gathering a group of worshippers together - the objective was to invest in and mentor a new generation of worship leaders and songwriters.  We also wanted to start getting more intentional about being a community of worshippers - eating, worshipping and sharing hearts together regularly - this started to bring a deeper passion for worship and songwriting in our community.

‘Draw Me In’ comes straight of this community - birthed out of a shared revelation of the beauty of the Lord and the way He is fundamentally a good Father, this song reflects themes of intimacy, love, trust and a good injection of joy, drawing from a mixture of musical influences.

Hope Stroupe's incredible and mesmerizing vocals cause this to be a hauntingly beautiful yet wonderfully vibrant anthem.  This collaboration combines the strengths of all the songwriters and will undoubtedly be the first of many 'new sounds' to come forth from the group.

Our prayer is that this song be one that helps our hearts connect to Him as Father.

RELEASED: 20 March 2015
LABEL: Catch The Fire Music
AUTHORS: Hope Stroupe, Jonathan Clarke, Tim Kelley, Jonathan Powter, Kendrian Dueck
RUNNING TIME: 00:04:25

COVER ART: Abigail Blythe at Ink + Honey
DESIGN & LAYOUT: Marcott Bernarde at Catch The Fire
PRODUCTION: Marcel Preston at Broken Rocket Studios
MASTERING: Ryan Baxter at Whisker Studios


Draw Me In

by Hope Stroupe & Catch The Fire Music
  • 4:25
    Hope Stroupe & Catch The Fire Music


Draw Me In