Living Waters

Marcel & Ruth Preston

This album features live prophetic worship that was spontaneously written and recorded over the course of a two hour soaking session at Catch The Fire in Toronto, Canada.  Our prayer is that you will encounter the father's love as you listen to this album.

Ruth and Marcel sing prophetically over a live audience who is simply resting in God's presence.   The album is a spontaneous composition with the goal of simply expressing The Father's Heart over His people and having them respond to him in return.  Ruth and Marcel are accompanied by Melanie Fraser on piano and Chris Stahlke on Viola and Violin.

Our prayer is that you will encounter the Father’s love as you listen to this album. May you be encouraged in who you are, through a revelation of whose you are
— Marcel & Ruth Preston

RELEASED: 3 April 2015
LABEL: Catch The Fire Music
AUTHORS: Marcel Preston, Ruth Preston
RUNNING TIME: 01:14:51

VOCALS: Marcel Preston, Ruth Preston
KEYBOARDS: Melanie Fraser
STRINGS: Chris Stahlke

PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael Steingard, Vladamira Garmazonova
DESIGN & LAYOUT: Marcott Bernarde and Vladamira Garmazonova at Catch The Fire
PRODUCTION: Marcel Preston at Broken Rocket Studios


Living Waters

by Marcel & Ruth Preston