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Unfailing Love

by Marcel & Ruth Preston

Unfailing Love

Marcel & Ruth Preston

Marcel & Ruth Preston are Catch The Fire pastors and worship leaders. Their hearts are to worship God with passionate expression.  "We love giving the gift of music back to our creator, interwoven with the sound of our hearts".  This album captures a live style of arrangement in a studio album.   Marcel recounts: "We played the songs live in studio and just worshiped.  The drummer played along and we used those drum tracks as the foundation to build all the other parts over."   Ruth & Marcel include both songs of joy and intimacy as they lay their hearts before God through this album.  "Emmanuel" has also been adopted into Catch The Fire's live album "Closer".

With this project we wanted to record a “live” sound in the studio, so we tried something a little different; we recorded the drums live in one take while either of us played the guitar and sang, then built upon that foundation. This approach allowed for some amazing spontaneous moments to be captured. We felt Heaven invade the studio while we worshiped Jesus. We didn’t hold back on pouring out our hearts for God mid song and our hope is that the songs on this album will help the listener to worship along and communicate their heart’s cry to our amazing God who is so worthy of the depths of our love.
— Ruth Preston

Marcel and Ruth Preston are Pastors of CTF Central, a Young Adult Campus in the heart of Downtown Toronto. They are hungry for God's Rema word, His presence, His divine power, and seeing the young adults of Toronto changed forever by God's love, mercy and grace. They are both passionate worship leaders who have a real heart to see the tangible Presence of God come and dwell amongst His people, healing physical and emotional ailments as we worship Him. Marcel is the lead singer of a Juno Nominated and GMA winning band called "Sky Terminal", which has created an amazing platform to share the love of Jesus with multi-generations across Canada in a practical and fun way. The Preston's want to see a generation of young adults who boldly live for Jesus in the calling He has for them and are excited to see what God is doing at Central, in Toronto, and across Canada.

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