Thine Is The Kingdom - Robert & Kelley Augi


Thine Is The Kingdom - Robert & Kelley Augi


This EP is an expression of what God has been cultivating in Robert & Kelley's lives; their identity being grounded in His love and living the life He's called them to.

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We called this album “A Worship Experience” because as we proclaimed the Lord’s Prayer, inviting the Kingdom of God to come and His will to be done, we encountered our heavenly Father’s beautiful presence and overwhelming love. Our prayer is that you will have a life changing encounter with God that will draw you deeper into relationship with him.
— Rob & Kelley

Thine is the Kingdom is called an EP because it is not a full length album. Having written the song some time ago, Robert & Kelley felt it was time to put it out there to the world. Without having content, time or finances to complete a full album, they decided to record this one song. That one song turned into a 17 1/2 minute “worship experience” where they encountered the presence of God as they worshipped and joined with heaven, declaring that God’s Kingdom would come and His will would be done.

We hope this album will encourage you, bless you and lift you up!

Track List:

1. Thine Is the Kingdom
2. You Are Worthy
3. To Him Who Sits On The Throne / All Consuming Fire
4. Where I Belong (Instrumental)

Total Running Time: 17:26